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PNC Bank Reviews

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    I had PNC only 3 months I had business accounts and personal accounts. Steve the business banker opened 6 accounts for my business then closed four and gave me the closed accounts numbers with the debit cards to the open accounts my clients kept trying to send money only to have funds rejected and was told the account was closed i spoke repeatedly to the manager and assistant manager at my PNC branch Michael and Mary and was told everything was fine but it wasnt I was using the debit cards thinking everything was ok then the actual active accounts became overdrawn and checks bounced and no... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Tkwatson1's Picture   Tkwatson1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Fraud overdraft

    I opened this account with PNC bank a few months ago. I was looking to switch over to them from the credit union.I was laid off from work and I received my check yesterday so I had it deposited to PNC bank. I was able to do quiet a few transactions. I tried ordering my kids dinner which I could not and I called the bank to learn the bank put an hold on my account for a savings account withdrawl from paypal with uber. Im furious because I dont even have an paypal and obvious these charges didnt occur from me. It doesnt make any sense. Usually when you owe a bank any deposits is taking... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • PNC debited wrong account

    On 11-05-2016 I made a phone call to PNC customer service to authorize a payment on my loan. Make a long story short the PNC representative approved the payment not only from the bank account I gave here via phone but from a different bank that was on file. The bank that I never authorize the payment for emailed me an insufficient fund notification & of course I called to inquirer. Once informed of the mishap, I told the representative this payment was not authorize she filed a claimed & told me once they receive the payment back from PNC all the fees will be removed & regain... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    sdraper's Picture   sdraper    0 Comments   Comments
  • prepaid card

    pnc prepaid smart access card is the worst prepaid card. Do not get this card. It charges you extra when you purchase something and holds funds for 4 to 5 days before putting back on your card. It is suppose to be prepay why hold funds. Used at hotel rate was 281.00 was charged a extra 65.00 to make sure i had enough, had to wait 4 days before it was credit back to my account. Do not get this prepaid card. More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    orangedurham's Picture   orangedurham    1 Comments   Comments
  • PNC Bank Racial Profiling

    I went to the PNC branch at 909 Bloomfield Avenue on Friday July 31, 2015 around 2pm, I wanted to cash my payroll check. I asked the teller what I needed to cash my check since I did not have an account with PNC. She then told me I would need my Drivers License and another form a identification such as a major credit card. I handed her the required documents and then gave her the check. She then stated that there might be a $10.00 fee and I said that would be fine. She then asked me how often did I get paid, I replied every two weeks, she asked me if I had any other bank accounts, I... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    bella1369's Picture   bella1369    0 Comments   Comments
  • PNC Bank HORRIBLE Loss Mitigation

    I had a FULL package in to the lender with a full list price offer for short sale. I spoke to multiple representatives to get the sale date postponed as it would be in the best interest of the investor and the homeowner to proceed with the short sale vs. the foreclosure. The whole point of LOSS MITIGATION is to MITIGATE LOSS!! This was not done. I was told that they had to have the complete package 38 days prior to the sale date. The foreclosure was not recorded until June 8 and the sale date set for June 29. We received the offer on the home around June 18 and sent in the package... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    bbrownsellslv's Picture   bbrownsellslv    0 Comments   Comments

    PNC knows it is a horrible bank and it has gotten out of addressing my issue. They are liars and I assure everyone I know will know how horrible this bank is. They take your money when your account is closed. They take way too long to post debit transactions. They put a charge on your account, remove it and then days later add it again. They are so messed up!!! More...
  • Krystal Harris Mt Zion location Union KY

    Mrs Harris deserves Customer service of the year award. (Pnc please take notice) My Aunt is a PNC customer. She recently became very ill and hospitalized. I was granted Power of attorney to take care of her finances. Krystal was very kind and compassionate to my situation . "Any" issues that came up or any questions I had she always put my mind at ease. She treated me like my concerns were her personal concerns. I can't say enough . Thank you Krystal. More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Tatia's Picture   Tatia    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cash Advance

    I called the customer service number for PNC Bank and a lady advised me that I could do a cash advance at any PNC Bank with a valid drivers license with my name on it and a credit card with my name on it. I went to a PNC Bank at 9700 Linn Station Road, Louisville, KY 40223 on 04/10/2015 and a male told me I had to be a member of PNC Bank in order to do a cash advance. I called after and spoke with Kyle who said he was the manager there and that cash advances were up to each individual location's discretion. I just want to know the company policy regarding cash advances.I can be reached... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Costumer Service

    This afternoon I went to the bank to withdraw some cash from my account, the teller at the window was extremely rude and had a real bad attitude. I was at 7th St NW Washington, DC, 20001 the time of my visit was 1:49pm she was in cashbox 03. If this is who you hire to deal with your costumers you may want to make sure to change your policies or provide better training. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    gabers83's Picture   gabers83    0 Comments   Comments
  • IRA Will not give funds

    I have been trying to cash in an IRA for 4 months. The branch office manager in MI was helpful and friendly, however had to make three trips to branch office, Was told should have money by end of December 2014. It is Feb 11, 2015 and still do not have money, have completed loads of forms and still no money. They will not answer phone and leave you on hold for at least 20 minutes. This is the most horrific experience I have had with a bank ever, I am going to get an attorney to get my money from them. More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Jackie4's Picture   Jackie4    0 Comments   Comments
  • PNC - Canal Winchester ohio Treatment

    12-19-14 On 12-18-14 at around 10:45 am I arrived at the drive through lane of PNC Bank- 6400 Gender Rd,Canal Winchester, OH 43110. I submitted my drivers license, my pnc Visa card along with a signed check. My intent at that time was to just cash the check for the money I would need for that days errands. I sat in the drive though for over 10min. Then I was asked if I could come inside because there was an issue with my signature. Frustrated with the long wait and being in a hurry I declined the offer to come in and asked for them to just return my check so that I could cash it at my... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • PNC- Canal Winchester OHIO

    12-19-14 On 12-18-14 at around 10:45 am I arrived at the drive through lane of PNC Bank- 6400 Gender Rd,Canal Winchester, OH 43110. I submitted my drivers license, my pnc Visa card along with a signed check. My intent at that time was to just cash the check for the money I would need for that days errands. I sat in the drive though for over 10min. Then I was asked if I could come inside because there was an issue with my signature. Frustrated with the long wait and being in a hurry I declined the offer to come in and asked for them to just return my check so that I could cash... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Kshakir's Picture   Kshakir    0 Comments   Comments
  • PNC personal banking

    Went to Berwyn branch in Illinois to deposit a check, It was a joint check with the other party having endorsed the check. the staff did not know the manager was chatting with some one for 15 mins later on he mentioned some rule against i. On asking to see the rule he searched for about 15 mins came up with nothing. but said he remembered some rule but said it still applied even if he cannot find it documented. He was clearly amateur and untrained, I find the manager at Berwyn silly and not upto mark. This reflects not on him but the bank attitude. I plan to open an account at major... More...
    georgevflyer's Picture   georgevflyer    0 Comments   Comments
  • PNC terrible customer service

    Terrible Customer Service I am so saddened that the first time I go to this particular branch in Union, KY that I will now will be closing my accounts at PNC Bank. The service and pertinent information I have received from my branch bank in Florence, KY has always been excellent. Beyond excellent customer service! Cody in Florence opened my account almost 2 years ago and I have to say he should be the "face" for PNC Bank. It is sad that one particular branch can tarnish a relationship with the customer. PNC in Union, KY I feel could have verbally informed me that by depositing... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    blw1112's Picture   blw1112    0 Comments   Comments
  • PNC $200 Bonus ... NO WAY!!

    Through the direction of a banking representative (Tierra De La Cruz) I signed up for a $200 bonus if I deposit $20K into a MMF paying 1% for 90 days. Transferred money from a brokerage account earning 2.5%. Kept the money in the account for over 90 days as directed, asked Tierra if I could transfer it elsewhere and still receive bonus ... "Of course" she says. Also states I will receive bonus within 30 days. Call back in 30 days, talk to Tierra .. "Let me check." Now it's 60 days not 30 days. Check again in another 30 days, still no bonus in the account. Call... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    flash23's Picture   flash23    0 Comments   Comments
  • Domestic Wire charge

    This Complain is about PNC bank who deducted the money from my account twice. I did a Domestic wire transfer once but PNC did it twice and they are not ready to give my money back. Now they asked that you need to tell beneficiary to do the domestic wire back into my account. Why the beneficiary will pay the domestic charges even its not her fault .I already paid 2 times domestic wire charge of $ 50 .First they told me that your money will get credited to your account within 24 hours.I wait till 24 hours and called them again that i didnt recived my money.Then again they told me to wait... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • PNC Bank Charges overdraft fees on CLOSED CHECKING ACCOUNT!!!!!

    We closed our PNC bank account over a month ago, and an ACH Debit was taken out automatically - PNC paid the vendor without our permission, reopened the account, and is continuing to charge overdraft fees. I have made many, many phone calls and thier staff seem to act like they have no idea what the problem is, and they refuse to fix this over the phone even tho we personally visited the branch, showed them our photo ID, and again, closed the account. After that, they reopened it AGAIN due to an auto withdrawl and now they want over $1,000.00 again in overdraft fees we are not... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    tnelson1230's Picture   tnelson1230    0 Comments   Comments
  • With PNC you are always wrong.

    Should have known when I opened my PNC account. The very first check I tried to cash they wouldn't let me because it was a new account and I ended up cashing it at walmart to deposit it. Then PNC not only didn't order my first debit card like requested but actually lost it when it finally arrived. I was homeless and had it mailed to the bank. They couldn't find it after weeks of waiting and so they contacted the manager who ordered it while on vacation, and guess what she "thinks" it was locked in her desk. Then they Couldn't get my online/mobile banking setup... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    RegularJoe's Picture   RegularJoe    0 Comments   Comments
  • PNC Bank sign-up bonus....good luck ever getting it!!!

    PNC will do anything to get out of paying sign-up bonuses. Also, employees do not give full and accurate information. I set my account up with Elka Jones at the 56th St branch in Indianapolis. She told me that I would quality for a $200 bonus if I direct deposit at least $2000 per month. No problem. Got my direct deposit all set up and everything was good. Almost three months later, I still hadn't received my bonus payout. So I emailed Elka Jones. I had to email her twice during the course of a week to get a response, which was "I'll look into it". She never got... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    spdwy808's Picture   spdwy808    0 Comments   Comments
  • PNC Bank - Worst Company in the USA 2014

    I will definitely be closing my account with PNC after what has happened. Over the past 2 years, with 2 different accounts that involved no risky behavior, PNC has somehow let my account numbers get into the hands of scammers. Every couple weeks I get a call from a fake law firm claiming I owe money to companies I have never used before. These scams somehow have my entire account number and Social Security Number. The only people I have ever given my ssn to are PNC and employers. Then, recently, my free checking classic became standard checking, which resulted in a 7 dollar charge to my... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    cmb71129's Picture   cmb71129    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unreasonable Holds

    I'm a young and sometimes financially ignorant college student. My first ever debit card was with PNC -- my parents saw details on the student account in the mail and signed me up for it. It bragged of no overdraft fees (of course, the interest earned was beans, but they figured I wouldn't have much money in college, anyway). I get my first job at my college and sign up for direct deposit. The nightmare starts here. PNC calls me up (during class), I say I'll call them back, and they threaten to TERMINATE MY ACCOUNT and I'm like "Buddy, I'm paying $150 for this... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    CollegeCasual's Picture   CollegeCasual    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst experience I've ever had

    I went to the PNC bank in DC on New York Avenue and it literally took me 30 to be helped by anyone! It took 15 mins before I had to say something myself to the lady about needing help opening an account there was only one person in the building with me and 4 ppl as tellers so I don't understand. I usually go to the PNC in Georgetown and that will be the only one I ever go to again. I was actually trynna reopen my account but with the lack of service I got from them it can stay closed and I'll stay elsewhere! More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Hiddia1030's Picture   Hiddia1030    0 Comments   Comments
  • PNC card replacement issues

    I had an incident with someone getting my card information and using it overseas. Because of this fraud situation, they needed to deactivate my card and send me a new one. They said it would take 5 to 7 business days. I called after I had not received my card during this time frame. The person who I talked to said a new card had been sent out. I then waited another few business days and called again. This time, I was told that a card was NOT sent out. They then told me because I wanted it sent to a different address than the one listed, the card had to be sent to a bank instead and... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    stinerbart's Picture   stinerbart    0 Comments   Comments
  • check bounce

    I made a cash deposit yesterday to cover a check. I specifically asked if the check would be covered, and told that yes, it would be. This was at the Suwannee GA. branch. Then they not only bounce the check, but to add insult to injury, they charge me 35.00 Unreal. I'll be posting on yelp, and any other consumer review site how disappointing banking with your company is. This is by far not the first time they have done similar things. More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    lornemac's Picture   lornemac    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Bank Since BofA, Outright Criminals

    This is the WORST bank since Bank of America, they might even be worse. We have a business checking account with PNC, they on a weekly, nearly daily basis are screwing with our account and funds. I have to call in on a routine basis to file complaints and have fees reversed. We opted out of the overdraft protection (this is one of their biggest scams), inside of a year they reversed my decision without my consent or knowledge in order to charge fees. They charge fees when you have a positive balance in order to make the account go under and charge more fees. They used to sit on deposits... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • PNC Bank charging NSF fees for paid items with a positive balance

    I have been a PNC customer for about four years, and have had instances where my account was charged NSF fees in the past without me understanding why. I believe I now understand it....they charge $36 per item fees for paid transactions! I had four transactions clear my account yesterday, all paid (not overdrafted or returned) and with a positive balance at the end of the day. I have two check card transactions pending which are not posted to my account until Monday, and also direct deposits pending which are more than enough to cover these items. PNC will occasionally, but not always,... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    JD34434's Picture   JD34434    1 Comments   Comments
  • suggestion

    From my own experience as a pnc customer i could say that online banking system isn't very secure.One of my suggestions would be for instance to send each customer a card with let say numerated 20 7 digit different numbers on it. Each time he wants to login online third layer of protection would be to as for randomly selected number from a card. You should really improve login system so it would be more secure. More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    orbit's Picture   orbit    0 Comments   Comments
  • PNC services

    I have been trying for 2 days to stop payment on a check to no avail. When I called the customer service number the automated machine asked me the same questions over and over again. The branch bank told me to go on line & put in PNC, hit my accounts then hit stop payment. Obviously this doesn't work either. This experience was very frustrating for me especially since I'm still trying to stop payment on this check More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    cronkie's Picture   cronkie    0 Comments   Comments
  • buyer beware

    it was united trust and then PNC> first someone stole my credit card and then it was reported stolen not by me but by someone else and the yallowed that person to withdraw 2 grand out of my account. then they did not correct this either. left it that way. then they filed a complaitn against me and had me arrested. they want the victim to pay for the overdraft. then they said oh the guy that did this is long gone. do not know anything about that so changed their name. More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    megryan's Picture   megryan    0 Comments   Comments
  • BUYER BEWARE my account canceled for complaining about a policy

    I brought a homeless day worker to PNC to cash a check drawn on my account. The Sanford branch manager had the personal discretion to waive the $10 fee and help the guy out, but wanted to be a selfish petty prick and refused. I complained that all their smiley talk about customer service is hypocritical phony lip service. SO guess what? For daring to complain about a policy you might disagree with - they canceled our accounts! Two business checking accounts and a Merchant Service account. How? In the typical way you would expect a machine-like uncaring big bank to act: a form letter in... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    bvinikas's Picture   bvinikas    0 Comments   Comments
  • Asked PNC Banker to Opt Out of Overdraft Coverage

    I recently opened an account at PNC, downtown Columbus, Ohio. The banker who opened my account was not very attentive as I requested repeatedly and under no uncertain terms that I did not wish to be opted in to any overdraft coverage program. Instead of seeing to it that my account was set up as requested, she ignored that request. Later on, my account was overdrawn by $9.00, but their was a $72.00 overdraft fee placed on the account for two small amounts paid by PNC. It is the customer's responsibility to make certain their account balances, but had my account been set up as I... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    MelMint's Picture   MelMint    3 Comments   Comments
  • Double Withdrawl

    PNC bank allowed another institution to withdraw $640 twice from my account within seconds. And even though the other institution (Bank of America) was willing to work with PNC to fix this issue over the phone with me, PNC refused. They told me yesterday that I would have a 'provisional credit' on my account within 24 hours. However, 24 hours later and there is no credit. After calling in and speaking with several representatives, including a 'manager' named Jake, I've been told that it is going to take 10 business days for them to straighten this out and give... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    pilfersome's Picture   pilfersome    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mount Washington PNC Bank

    I have a checking account with PNC and I went into the Mount Washington, KY location this morning to cash 2 checks that (when totaled) equal a little over $500. I did not want the money deposited and I wanted cash. Keep in mind that I have a bank account with them and every other bank I have used always cashed my checks with no problem. Not only was the "bank drone" rude to me, but she proceeded to talk to me in a way that was judging and nothing professional. She told me she could not cash the checks even after locating my account and when I asked why she said, "The ATM... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Freebird0021's Picture   Freebird0021    0 Comments   Comments
  • PNC opt in or out program of overdraft protection

    We currently opted in to the program based on how the program was explained to us, however it wasn't explained properly and we ended up with a large amount of overdrafts. Had the program been explained fully to us at the time we never would have opted in. When I called the customer service line I was connected to a gentleman that was extremely pleasant and very knowledgeable of the program. He took the time to explain the program at which time I opted back out of the program. He told me that even if you are in the negative you'd still be able to use the ATM to withdraw cash. At... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)

    I have been with PNC for long time... and recently the Branch manager called and terminated my account for no reason... I had a personal account and businnes account... and I was paying out of personal account bank wire, and they told me not a business I did... but they closed my business account next they closed my personal as well.... and they don't have any reasons.... they said they can cancel anyone's account anytime. NICE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION More...
    kash's Picture   kash    1 Comments   Comments
  • Don't sign up for the $150 bonus, because you won't get it

    With almost all else being equal among online banks, I signed up because of the $150 new account bonus. After setting up auto bill-pay and direct deposit as required by the Ts&Cs, I waited patiently for 60 days for my bonus. I called after two months to make sure, and they said the bonus code hadn't been correctly applied to my account, and they'd have to add it, and the "clock would reset" to zero. A month and a half later (in April), I called again and they said the code was applied correctly and all conditions were met, and if I didn't have the money by... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    theekevinc's Picture   theekevinc    2 Comments   Comments
  • BAD Customer Service Pnc bank

    Pnc Bank in Bedminster,NJ, I have used for over 3 years never a problem but today April 29that around 11:40am, this woman with far sholder length hair, brown eyes, glasses, was rude to me because she got annoyed with me that I didn't specify which account I'd like to deposit money into and let me tell you, customer service means a lot she could have gone about it in a professional and polite way, shame on you, Mrs. I'd like anyone to know who goes there that she is a nasty thing. Thank You. More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    FiddlestiCks's Picture   FiddlestiCks    0 Comments   Comments
  • PNC Bank worst of the worst

    Hi, I am very upset with the response I am getting from PNC about help for a simple request. PNC customer care is so rude that if there were global Olympics of rudeness PNC will win all golds. I need a simple search to look what checks were paid paid more than 300 in 2011 and 2012. PNC computer system doesn't let me or customer service run a query like this as seems like PNC is cheap and archives all data after a month I guess???? I can do such simple query in all other bank accounts I have. The only solution they are offering me is to pay to get statements which is the... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    zaik93's Picture   zaik93    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bill Pay less than desirable!

    When you order a Bill Pay from a bank, in essence you are paying the bill and using the bill pay as an online ledger, leaving you with your available balance. No matter if the bank has an agreed policy with the payee for electronic transfer, or if PNC pays by "their" check for you, the amount should be deducted immediately from your available balance, just as it would be if you wrote it in off your check book. But no, unlike many other banks, the funds are still shown available even though a check has been printed and sent to the payee. This is USELESS! More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    HwyCop's Picture   HwyCop    1 Comments   Comments

    I'm writing this message regarding an incident that happened today, with an employee at the PNC BANK parking lot at 4249 Wisconsin ave NW Washington, DC 20016. Me and my wife are dog walkers in the area and every Friday we get paid in personal checks, one of those checks is from PNC and we always use this branch to cash it. Today, Friday February 1, 2013 at approximately 12:50pm, me and my wife pulled up to the parking lot and noticed a young African American lady working on her car window. I parked on the spot next to her and she said something impolite. So to avoid trouble I... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    gdc88dogs's Picture   gdc88dogs    3 Comments   Comments
  • PNC Bank

    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    shasha82666's Picture   shasha82666    0 Comments   Comments

PNC Bank Reviews By Product

PNC Bank Comments

Whyme1 says: (3 years ago)
I went to PNC bank on 12/3/14 9479 sheridan st n cooper city fl to get a cash advance for 600.00 dollars OK u will count your money who's looking at the bills all twenty then went to space coast credit Union to make a deposit the teller tell me I have a fake 20 and she cant not give it back to me and I have to put my name on this paper and she has to send it to irs went back to PNC o we r sorry once Ieave the bank nothing we can do the feller name was KAREN SHE WAS NASTY TRUST ME SHE NEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING SOMEONE MUST HAD GAVE THE FAKE TWENTY TO HER SHE JUST PASS IT ON TO ME SO SHE WHAT GET N TROUBLE SO NOW IT FALLS ON ME VERY NASTY IF ANYONE BANKS THERE IF IT HAPPEN TO U TALK ABOUY IT PLEASE

hatepnc says: (4 years ago)
The worst bank ever. If you are a debit card user, you are soo in trouble because they look for every way to make you go overdraft on your account and charge you over draft fees.

PNCbotheredcustomer says: (4 years ago)
I have never seen a bank where they close the account without telling you a reason. Most unhelpful customer service either via phone or in branch. They are a bunch of cheaters who never explained you the policies and then when you ask the questions, every policy is in bank's favor. I think this bank is just for ripping off the people. Just beware of it

zappa1972 says: (4 years ago)
PNC Banker Martin at the Altamonte Springs branch in Florida placed a stop payment on my cashiers check without my authorization. He said that is was company policy that if you asked for the image of a cashiers check and it had not been cashed yet that he had to place a stop payment on it. I have spoke to multiple people that work at PNC and they told me that is not company policy and the stop payment should not have been placed without my authorization.

spacepeanut says: (4 years ago)
im a sole proprietor business owner....i have one checking account..for thirty years never had a they wont deposit my checks.." can only be in my name "...not anything business on it even if it has my name beside it etc.. they say open a seperate business account and switch money over...yeah that make sick of their bullshit ...go to member first..... much better service !!!!!!!!!

Napoleon says: (5 years ago)
PNC Predatory Actions….
Let me tell you my story. I was a PNC customer for more than 15 years. Back then PNC acted as a “people” bank, really working with people and taking actions and decisions that made good common sense, and in the interest of its customers. That was the reason I did business with PNC. Unfortunately in the last 3 – 4 years PNC has changes so much, that it is using the same tactics, rules, and actions as any predatory bank out there – regardless of their name.
Take my case. I deposited a bank check to my account known that some personal checks will arrive and have to be clear up. The check was not a personal check, but a bank –or cashier check produced by one of the largest banks in US and the world in fact, and endorsed by the bank’s assets. It should been cashed by PNC right away. Their policy – endorsed by many banks is to allow 24 hours for endorsement of personal checks in order to verify that the personal account have sufficient funds to cover the check. I have no problem with that policy. But what the PNC bank did in my case … they waited 50+ hours to endorse the bank check – why when they could have endorsed it right away??? . Some of my personal checks come to PNC to be cleared 42 hours after I deposited the bank check. Of course during this period PNC kept my bank check without cashing it or endorsing it, they hit me with several “overdraft” fees, and more that 50+ hours after I deposited the bank check they finally endorsed the check.
If these actions are not the actions of a predatory bank, then I’m Napoleon – reincarnated!!!

shasha82666 says: (5 years ago)

ericb22 says: (5 years ago)
On October 29th, 2012, I used the PNC drive up teller at the Pharr Rd, Atlanta, GA location. The machine gave me a message, can not process your request at this time, while doing a fast cash withdrawl. It returned my card and debited my account. I called, and even had to take time off from work to go file a complaint. Honestly, I expect from the response I got from calling the bank to loose the cash eventuall, (As using a PNC teller machine is like playing a slot machine), I did regretfully submit to leting them do an investigation, eventhough my instincts tell me, it's a lost cause. Now, I am waiting on the results before I close all my accounts with PNC Bank. Something is very wrong at this bank for this to occure in the first place, and the customer service has always been sketchy.

indybigo says: (6 years ago)
After being notified that PNC would be discontinuing the Card Services Online site effective June 19, 2012, I immeadiately set up my PNC card payment information with my bank's Bill Pay site. And since I make all payment to be paid on the first of each month I did the same with PNC. However, upon receipt of my PNC statement I noticed I had been charged a $25.00 late fee as the payment was not posted until June 4th but was due June 3rd. Although I understood why it was charged I called PNC to explained the mistake was mine, but ask to have the charge removed as in my haste to get it set up I failed to consider payment through my bank's bill pay there would be a few days delay in posting. Was told by supv. Allen and his supv. Ben Stewart that they were very sorry ,but Federal Law states fees can only be removed if the error is due to a bank error. I told them I questioned that as other card services had removed a late fee when not the fault of the card service/bank when a very reasonable enplanation was given. And no law is as iron clad as they would have us believe or those other card services/banks would not have willingly broke the so claimed law. Both said they could not speak for other card services/banks, but only PNC. I told them and it wouldn't be necessary to speak for others as if it was "the law" other would not take a chance in breaking that law in addition to losing revenue by doing so.

megand0815 says: (6 years ago)
I lost my waitressing job back in May 2011 and was job hunting day to day at local restaurants and retail places, looking for any place to work. I submitted my resume for an Attorney's Assistant position I saw on Craigslist for the sole fact that I was pursuing an education in the Paralegal field. This attorney replied to my resume letting me know that I was perfect for the position and that he would be paying me $455 salary to deal with his clients, keep his scheduling organized, and run any errands that needed to be ran. He informed me he was opening up an office here in Vero Beach, Florida and would be down in about a month. We had communicated over the phone and email for a couple weeks. One day he informed me that he would be sending me a check in the mail and I would use the money to shop for supplies for an orphanage in his hometown that he donates to every year. He told me he would be emailing me the supplies list as soon as he talked to the President of the orphanage. Once I received this check it was for the amount of $2500. It looked like a payroll check. I deposited the check in my checking account at PNC on the Wednesday morning June 1, 2011. I emailed the attorney and let him know I wasn’t going to touch the money in my account until I knew the check was cleared.

On Friday June 3, 2011 I saw the $2500 clear into my PNC checking account. Before I contacted the attorney I was working for, I called PNC around 10:30 AM to verify that the money clearing in my account meant that the check was cleared. The representative explained to me that it only takes 48-72 hours for the check to clear and the funds were clear and everything looked good. So I called the attorney and let him know the check had cleared and I was ready for him to send the supply list for the orphanage. He replied and let me know that he had talked to the President of the orphanage and they would rather have a money donation to be able to use the money where needed. He then emailed me instructions on how to send the money and where to send it. He told me he wanted the donation to be for $1850 and to use the rest of the money as my weekly pay. I then went to the closest Western Union (Publix off Oslo Road in Vero Beach) and completed the money transfer for a total of $2011. This amount was too much to purchase using my debit card so Publix then had to call PNC and have them verify the amount and transaction for it to go through. After about an hour, the transaction finally went through and I contacted the attorney and let him know the transaction details.

The following day, June 4, 2011, I received a notification that my checking account was over drafted over $2000. I later discovered the check was fraudulent and the attorney I was in contact with was no longer reachable. I immediately filed a police report and filed a dispute with the bank. I presented the representative, Jessica, at the PNC bank where I opened my account (4105 9TH ST. SW Vero Beach, FL 32968) with all the evidence supporting that I was scammed. I had all the emails, the envelope the check came in, the name and phone numbers of the person I was talking too, the police report, and a photo of the fraudulent check. Everyone in the branch was unsympathetic to my situation and pretty much made me feel like I should have known better. After three weeks, PNC denied my fraudulent claim and has now held me responsible for the money that was sent out. After this happened, all the moneys in my accounts at PNC were frozen and unable for me to touch. My bills during this time were all past due and unable to be paid because PNC applied all the money I had left to be applied to this negative account. I tried to have the bank manager help contact someone over the phone that could help me in my situation and at least work with me. No one wanted to hear my side of the story and just wanted me to pay the bank back.

I feel that PNC is negligent in my situation because they had cleared the money to my account without the check being cleared. I feel like there was nothing I could have done to prevent this from happening because I was venerable and desperate for work and was even precautious with this money transfer. I feel that PNC needs to take responsibility for clearing and approving something that was in their complete control. If I hadn’t called and made sure that the check was cleared, and if they would have told me that the check wouldn’t be cleared for another week then I would have never made the transaction. I have discussed my claim with my other bank (JP Morgan Chase) and they informed me that no other bank in this country would have made the mistake PNC did by clearing the funds of an out of state check without verifying that the check was good. I have had no luck in finding justice against this bank. To this day I am still fighting with PNC to resolve this. They have now put my name in Check Systems as a fraudulent check holder and I am unable to obtain a checking account anywhere in the United States. This over drafted account at PNC is not because of my irresponsibility, it is theirs. PNC has made it impossible for me to get on my feet again because they froze money in the checking accounts I had at their bank and has now caused my other accounts at other banks close my checking accounts as well.

I would like to get back the $491.48 that PNC took out of my other checking account I had at with them, I would also like PNC to clear the $2011 transaction that they approved and fronted the money for as fraudulent, and to clear my name off Check Systems. Lastly, I want PNC to compensate for all the trouble they have caused my life and finances. I know I have a case and all the evidence to prove that I am a victim and that PNC is responsible for their negligence. I know there is someone out there that can help me in this horrible situation. My life has been nothing but utter chaos and stressful for the past two months. If you are unable to help me with this I would appreciate any advice or information on anyone you know that can help.

GOinToChase says: (7 years ago)
PNC Bank doesn't know the meaning of the words principles, ethical or morals . After 30 years 0f banking with National City (now PNC) I will be changing banks.

JRUSS00 says: (8 years ago)
I was a victim of fraud in october with national city now they bought it out and the papers were signed saying it was fraud and the bank says there was no evidence but yet theres police reports and court papers and they still say im responsible for paying this. Best thing to do is DO NOT GET A BANK ACCOUNT AT PNC THERE A JOKE

okay says: (8 years ago)
No one seems to know what they are doing here. Everything takes a lot longer than at other banks and the customer service is terrible.

GD17 says: (8 years ago)
1- Charged more than $100 in fees claiming my account was overdrawn by a PENDING debit (that never came through).

2- Took money from my account to pay a loan WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION.

3- Holds up deductions and reorders them trying to make checks (as many as possible) bounce.

4- Claims funds are available when you call telephone banking, but then later claims that the funds were not really available.

5 - Charges double and triple fees on a bounced check. One fee for being overlimit, one for returning the check, and then more fees if you don't cover the difference immediately.

I have filed two complaints with the OCC. Please everyone ripped off by PNC file complaints with the OCC!!!

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