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PNC Bank Reviews

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  • Fraud overdraft

    I opened this account with PNC bank a few months ago. I was looking to switch over to them from the credit union.I was laid off from work and I received my check yesterday so I had it deposited to PNC bank. I was able to do quiet a few transactions. I tried ordering my kids dinner which I could not and I called the bank to learn the bank put an hold on my account for a savings account withdrawl from paypal with uber. Im furious because I dont even have an paypal and obvious these charges didnt occur from me. It doesnt make any sense. Usually when you owe a bank any deposits is taking... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)

    PNC knows it is a horrible bank and it has gotten out of addressing my issue. They are liars and I assure everyone I know will know how horrible this bank is. They take your money when your account is closed. They take way too long to post debit transactions. They put a charge on your account, remove it and then days later add it again. They are so messed up!!! More...
  • Cash Advance

    I called the customer service number for PNC Bank and a lady advised me that I could do a cash advance at any PNC Bank with a valid drivers license with my name on it and a credit card with my name on it. I went to a PNC Bank at 9700 Linn Station Road, Louisville, KY 40223 on 04/10/2015 and a male told me I had to be a member of PNC Bank in order to do a cash advance. I called after and spoke with Kyle who said he was the manager there and that cash advances were up to each individual location's discretion. I just want to know the company policy regarding cash advances.I can be reached... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • PNC - Canal Winchester ohio Treatment

    12-19-14 On 12-18-14 at around 10:45 am I arrived at the drive through lane of PNC Bank- 6400 Gender Rd,Canal Winchester, OH 43110. I submitted my drivers license, my pnc Visa card along with a signed check. My intent at that time was to just cash the check for the money I would need for that days errands. I sat in the drive though for over 10min. Then I was asked if I could come inside because there was an issue with my signature. Frustrated with the long wait and being in a hurry I declined the offer to come in and asked for them to just return my check so that I could cash it at my... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Domestic Wire charge

    This Complain is about PNC bank who deducted the money from my account twice. I did a Domestic wire transfer once but PNC did it twice and they are not ready to give my money back. Now they asked that you need to tell beneficiary to do the domestic wire back into my account. Why the beneficiary will pay the domestic charges even its not her fault .I already paid 2 times domestic wire charge of $ 50 .First they told me that your money will get credited to your account within 24 hours.I wait till 24 hours and called them again that i didnt recived my money.Then again they told me to wait... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Wire Transfer

    I got an overdraft occurred in my account due to the ignorance of the bank. The PNC bank created my post dated check without even think once that how can a bank can clear a post dated check. this wasn't enough for PNC bank to hurt me, so they have now blocked my wire transfer money. I made an immediate(15 min) wire transfer from western union to my pnc account to cover the over draft. The money should be visible in just 15 min in my pnc account as western union already transferred the amount of $330. PNC bank gave western union just next day acknowledgement no. also but its been 6... More...
  • Social Security Number

    Because of fraud on my checking account, I needed to contact PNC Mortgage to change the account number for my automatic payments. I was dismayed to learn they are using social security numbers for identification when people phone in. I know they need them for tax purposes, but that does not mean they should be using them for identification purposes. They informed my (on the phone and in writing) that their policy is to use social security numbers. BE VERY CAREFUL. I have already contacted PNC directly, and they have replied to me in writing. That is the way they choose to do business. More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
  • PNC will not reimburse me for my fraudulent charge

    At first, I was a huge fan of PNC and advidly endorsed their personal banking. I signed up at work to get my checks directly deposited to my new PNC checking account a few years ago. I was so satisfied with customer service that I even decided to open a savings account with them. Then recently that changed. I had a fraudulent charge take place back in October 2010 at a Target in Los Angeles, CA. I was never in CA or anywhere in that vacinity at the time of purchase (I've lived on the East coast my entire life). I received a call immediately from their fraudulent charge department.... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Overcharge

    I have to confess I am completely dissatisfied with your disrespectful, unprepared and irresponsible customer service. I imagine I should be treated with the attention I deserve as a customer from beginning to end. I have been given wrong information about an issue in my account and been laughed at for trying to get a solution to that issue. Please review customer service skills and recordings of the following: Scott Harrison PNC Highland Hills, OH 44122 Note that your Customer Service represents your business. Well qualified employees will sell the image... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Anti Customer Service

    Allow me to paint a picture of a client/customer that decided to bank with National City because of their excellent customer service, going through the banks multiple conversions and buyouts, to fall into the lap of PNC. I only know about the online chatter, with regard to PNC and National City. I knew why people went to National City, and I have no idea why anyone would go to PNC. National City stood behind their employees words. PNC pulls out the rule book. I was always treated like royalty at National City, but I guess to PNC, a customer can be too small, or too much of a battle. To... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Frustrated

    This bank let me open my account 2 days later i get 2 letters 1 atm card for my husband another letter that says they closed my account I waited 5 days for a check (it only took 3 days for my card) and yet did not get my money back went to the local branch was told by the manager that he could not help us sorry we would have to wait for our funds. I just moved here husband hasn't gotten his first pay check need to buy groceries and get gas but he is sorry. I feel this is beyond poor service and will make sure everyone hears about how me and my husband were treated. The only helpful and... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)


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